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Important Medical Tests To Be Followed During Pandemic

Wondering about how to stay fit and healthy during the pandemic? Do not worry! We tell you which tests you can opt for to make sure you improve your quality of life and enhance your overall well-being.

The Covid-19 scenario in India is terrible. It is the need of the hour to stay in top shape during these unprecedented times. To do so, you will have to report any abnormal changes occurring in the body, and go for regular health check-ups. Below we list out a few mandatory tests for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Just get yourself thoroughly examined to prevent any diseases, conditions, and infections.

· Complete Blood Count (CBC) tests: CBC tests help measure the different types of blood cells (RBCs, WBCs, and platelet count) and give an idea about how well you have responded to Covid-19 infection, in case you got infected previously. Nowadays, many patients have low RBCs and WBCs, so take charge of your health.

· Glucose, cholesterol tests: To make sure your diabetes and cholesterol levels are in check, you need to go for frequent check-ups and tests. Monitoring glucose cholesterol levels will help you avoid kidney and heart problems in the near future. When it comes to Covid patients, blood glucose levels tend to remain altered (go higher and lower than usual) post-recovery.

· Neuro-function tests: Many patients report neurological and psychological factors like brain injury, tumors, hydrocephalus, aneurysm, epilepsy or stroke which can give them a tough time. Thus, is essential to take care of the neurological symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, tremors, and dizziness.

· Vitamin D Test: Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that supports immune function. But, people from every age group can encounter vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, taking an essential test like the Vitamin-D test would give you a fair idea regarding the deficiency.

· Cardiac screenings: A Covid-19 infection leads to inflammation in the body which invites the weakening and damage of important heart muscles, arrhythmias, and myocarditis even after recovering from Covid infection. For the ones already having heart problems, it can also aggravate issues. Thus, getting proper imaging scans and heart function tests is essential. Furthermore, people who complain of chest pain schedule tests.

· Kidney function tests: Include blood and urine tests for helping in the detection of kidney problems.

· Liver function tests: Are blood tests that can help you make a prompt diagnosis and monitor liver disease or damage.

Takeaway: Women need to go for regular check-ups, mammograms to rule out breast cancer, and pap smear tests for a prompt diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Dr. Keerthi Prakash Kotla, Consultant Pathologist, Apollo Diagnostics  Pune

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