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Saving a life is possible even for a common man, all they need to do is donate blood

More than 95 units of blood were collected at Blood Donation Camp organized by Rotary Club at Rotary Service Centre, Malad West was attended by Mr. Aslam Shaikh (Maharashtra Cabinet Minister)

Mumbai, August 2021
Whilst our country has started resuming few essential and non-essential activities, it is a tickling alarm for all medical practitioners to prepare themselves and the infrastructure for the predicted third wave of the COVID 19 pandemic. In today's time, it has been evidently seen that there has been a huge scarcity of blood units in various blood banks of Mumbai, and to help create a balance, the Rotary and Rotaract club has been dedicatedly organizing blood donation camps to help our city combat the lack of blood. The most recent blood donation drive was organized on Independence day by the Rotary Club of Bombay North West Malad, co-hosted by many other Rotary clubs across Mumbai and we were able to collect more than 95 units of blood.

It was great to see such great active participation from all the clubs, donors, and especially Mr. Aslam Shaikh the Maharashtra Cabinet Minister, who in spite of his busy schedule not only came to support us but also waited to encourage all the volunteers by felicitating them. It was also great to see the volunteers of Rotaract Club of Bombay North West Malad & DTSS College in spite of it being a Sunday, came fully prepared to ensure that the donation drive went successfully. I really hope through initiatives like these, we inspire others to also donate blood and help stabilize the need for blood on a day-to-day basis. It is an appeal to all those who are eligible to donate blood, to please take out some time and donate blood, as it is certain to help our country.” Said Mr. Jatin Patel, the president of Rotary Club of Bombay North West Malad.

It has been noticed that blood donation drives have been set up by all major NGOs in the present time, while they are dedicatedly working towards bursting the bubbles of misconceptions attached with the donation of blood. If we all move at this pace, there is a possibility that we shall have substantial units of blood to help our country with blood as and when they need it.

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