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Dispelling Common Myths Regarding Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery? What is it actually? Does plastic surgery mean that it involves ONLY making you look beautiful or is there MORE to it than what actually common do people think? The purpose of this article today is to bust the myth that plastic surgery is only cosmetic surgery and to let all know that there is much more to it.

Today, due to the internet, a plethora of information is readily available. But, not everything can be true. If you are one of them who are opting for plastic surgery then you need to be fully informed. So when do you see a Plastic surgeon? To answer this question you need to understand all problems plastic surgeons deal with so that you can make an informed decision regarding the same based on their sub-specialities.

People think of plastic surgery as the surgery which would help them beautify themselves. But many of these do not know what actually is involved in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is just the parent term meaning - to mould (In greek). This speciality which is actually very difficult to master has its own different sub-specialities. These include - general plastic surgery, paediatric plastic surgery, craniofacial surgery, burns surgery, plastic surgery related to cancer reconstructions, nerve surgery, hand surgery, microvascular and lymphatic surgery, and cosmetic surgery ( which is generally people consider equally to plastic surgery). As you can see cosmetic surgery is just a part of a wide spectrum that plastic surgery encompasses. So, Plastic surgery equals cosmetic surgery is not at all true.

Here, we help you to bust the myths regarding plastic surgery

Myth #1 Plastic surgery is only limited to women

Fact: This is not true at all. Though women widely opt for it, men are not behind as well. There is a large number of the male population who opts for liposuction, rhinoplasty, and even gynecomastia that as a treatment for enlarged breasts.

Myth #1: Plastic surgery is all about enhancing beauty and vanity

Fact: Plastic surgery includes everything right from all types of burns but is not limited to flame burns (burn from fire), scald burns ( burns from hot water/tea) contact burns (like silencer burns), electric burns (shock from electric cables/short circuit), chemical burns, all Nerve injuries like brachial plexus injuries, nerve compartment syndromes like carpal tunnel, and traumatic nerve injuries, all Tendon injuries - (tendons are the structure that moves hand). AV Fistula creation for patients requiring dialysis, any paediatric problems like joined fingers, extra digits. Facial and whole body wounds, face fractures, lip/nose/scalp/ear injuries, crush injuries like (Finger injuries/thumb injures, leg injuries, sugarcane machine injuries, Industrial crush injuries, Finger amputations), all types of wounds, diabetic foot wounds, reconstruction and Restoration after cancer surgery and lymphatic surgery can be corrected with plastic surgery.

Myth#2: Plastic surgery is painful and the patient takes a long time to recover

Fact: This is not true at all as cutting-edge technology and anaesthesia methods have reduced the downtime linked with surgeries. Patients can resume their daily activities with ease within 2-3 days.

Myth #3: Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is the same

Fact: This is one of the common mistakes that many people make. Remember that plastic and cosmetic surgery is not at all the same thing. Cosmetic surgery helps to amplify one’s beauty while plastic surgery consists of cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgeries like burn treatments and correcting birth defects.

Dr. Pranav Thusay, Plastic Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Hospital Pune

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